The full form of IT is Information Technology. IT is used in the context of computers. The IT-sector uses software and computers to handle information. Computer software and electronic computers are used here to transform, secure, and store information and data.Jan 24, 2021.

USB -: The full form of USB is "UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS" it is a common platform that allows communication between devices and a host controller such as a PC (computer). 

LAN -: The full form of LAN is "Local Area Network". A local area network (LAN) is a group of devices joined in one physical location, such as a building, office, or home. LANs are majorly used to connect the workstations and computers in some buildings or workplaces to facilitate the internet process and share common resources. 

HDMI -: "HIGH DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE" and is the most frequently used HD signal for transferring both high definition audio and video over a single cable.

ACP -: "ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL" (ACP) is a type of flat panel that consists of a non-aluminium core bonded between two aluminium sheets. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding of buildings, for insulation and for signage. ACP is very rigid and strong despite its light weight.

BGM -: Back Ground Music 
DB -: Distribution Board. 
PDU -: Power Distribution Unit.
DDC -: Direct Digital Controller. 
LCP -: Light Controller Panel. 

ICT :- Integrated Control Technology.
GRMS -: Guest Room Management System. 
ALC -: Amplifier Loudspeaker Controller.  
LV -: Low Voltage. 
ELV -: Extra Low Voltage.  

BMS -: Building Management System.  
CCTV -: Closed Circuit Television. 
IP Address -: Internet Protocol Address.  
DATA -: Digital Account of Technology Advancement. 
Wi-Fi -: Wireless Fidelity. 

IDF -: Intermediate Distribution Frame. 
MDF -: Medium Density Fibreboard. 
KBps -: Kilobytes per second.

PC : PERSONAL COMPUTER. In technology or computing sector PC stands for Personal Computer which is a multi-purpose computer that allows flexibility to the work. 

DESKTOP -: The meaning or full form of DESKTOP is "Distributed Enterprise Support Kit Total Optimized Power".

LAPTOP -: The meaning or full form of LAPTOP is "Lightweight Analytical Platform Total Optimized Power".

CAT 6 -: (short for "Category 6") is an Ethernet standard. It operates at 250 MHz and supports data transfer rates of 10 Gbps. The maximum speed of Cat 6 is 10x faster than the previous standard, Cat 5e. From the outside, Cat 6 cables look identical to Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables.

MHz -: "MEGAHERTZ". abbreviated MHz, is a unit of alternating current (AC) or electromagnetic (EM) wave frequency equal to one million hertz (1,000,000 Hz). The megahertz is commonly used to express microprocessor clock speed.

RCCB -: maening for "RESIDUAL CURRENT CIRCUIT BREAKER". This residual current device is basically an electrical wiring device that disconnects the circuit whenever there is leakage of current flow through the Human body or the current is not balanced between the phaseconductor.

MCCB -: Meaning for "MOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER". It is another type of electrical protection device which is used when load current exceeds the limit of a miniature circuit breaker. The MCCB provides protection against overload, short circuit faults and is also used for switching the circuits.

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